HORSE SAFE FENCINGTITAN RAIL OVERVIEWTitan Rail is the thoroughbred of safe horse fencing
HORSE SAFE FENCINGTITAN RAIL INSTALLATIONAttractive, safe, functional, versatile horse safe fencing system manufactured in AustraliaTITAN RAIL TESTIMONIALS


Driven by our desire to remain the leading manufacture of vinyl and composite fencing in Australia.

All of our fencing raw material, production and design, is local, which makes us one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl and composite fencing in Australia.

Every fence design is exclusively tested and proven; every piece of fencing carries our quality guarantee. Every one of our vinyl and composite fencing products are made in Australia and proven in Australia. We’re proud of that!

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Strong? Yes our Longranger Posts are very, very, strong.

Yes, it’s true the Longranger Post is made from PVC, commonly referred to as plastic. But whatever pre-conceived ideas you have about PVC being weak, brittle and fragile, let this photo above prove just how strong a Longranger Post post is. You can also use a post driver to bang them into the ground, yes the same post driver you use for your steel and timber posts.

You may think, that’s all very well but won’t the PVC become brittle and weak over time. The short answer is yes it will, but if we offered you a guarantee you’ll get at least 30 years use from your Longranger Posts before they need replacing, would that ease your concerns? See the white fence in the photo above, this is the original Zappa Rail fence installed in 2001. It’s been doing its job for 22 years and is still going strong.

Titan Rail PVC Benefits

We’ve heard all the concerns, perhaps the most popular is; plastic is cheap and won’t last outside in the Australia conditions. If this was true do you think we would offer a 30 year warranty on all our plastic (PVC) fencing.

DIY Installation

So you’re reasonably handy and would like to save some save money, then great news our PVC fencing is easy to install.

ECO Friendly

Despite what you may think about plastics, the PVC used to make out fences are in-fact eco friendly and completely recyclable.

Australian Made

All Think Fencing products are manufactured here in Australia at our Bellarine based manufacturing complex in Victoria.

Lifetime Warranty

Think Fencing offers a limited 30 year warranty for all PVC Fencing products.

UV Resistant

Zappa Rail is made from durable high tech composites resistant to the harsh Australian sun. Your fence will look great for years.


The Titan Rail Fence is strong enough to have a electric fence attached to its structure.