Titan Rail Fencing FAQs

Titan Rail Safe Horse Fencing

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Each rail is tensioned using a Titan Rail Strainer. The strainer then becomes a permanent fixture on each rails to make maintenance simple, ensuring your Titan Rail always looks great! To start, remove the centre locking pin and two stainless steel rods. (Refer to diagram – right) Position the strainer against the rail and replace the centre locking pin so that the rail sits snugly between the pin and body of the strainer.

Insert the ends of the Titan Rail Straining Tool into the top and bottom holes of the strainer and rotate the strainer to tension. (Refer to diagram – left) Once tensioned, hold in place using the rods or Titan Rail. You may need to repeat this step multiple times to achieve the desired tension.

Helpful Tip: Titan Rail is easier to install on a warmer day. We also recommend re-tensioning the rail on the first warm day after installation, to eliminate any warps or twists.

If you need to join Titan Rail you can achieve this by purchasing a Titan Rail Stainless Steel Joining Buckle. The buckle has been designed so the fence is still safe for horses to ensure when electrified it still works.

A standard electric fencing Energiser will work on Titan Rail.

Using a Knife, strip away 20mm of conductive plastic exposing the wire inside. Using a wire joiner screw your active wire from your electric fence energiser into the exposed wire. Make sure your energizer is set up based on the specific operation manual for the best result.

Think Fencing has been manufacturing Polymer fencing for over a decade in Australia and has tested its fencing systems in the harshest of conditions . Think Fencing employs modem technologies and polymers to create the best fencing systems possible,·and has tested them to in excess of 30 years. If a manufacturing defect is found within the life of the product Think Fencing will replace it.

Our fences are suitable for DIY. The most challenging part is to concrete posts into the ground and level the fence. After that, everything simply “locks in”. Any fencing contractor or “handy” person should easily be able to install our fencing. Think Fencing provides detailed installation instructions, and our staff are always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you or your installer may have.

Titan Rail has a 2000kg breaking strain. Titan Rail will act like a seatbelt when a horse runs into it stretching and absorbing the impact. In the event of a significant enough impact the strainers will pull out of the end post and brackets will snap, it is very rare for the rail to break. The entire system is designed to minimise potential harm during an impact with the fence coming off second best to the horse whilst providing a strong enclosure.

Titan Rail can be used with any post that you can screw Tek Screws into. This includes timber posts, steel posts and Think Fencing’s PVC Posts called Longranger. We do not recommend the use of star stakes.

Due to Titan Rail being tensioned much like a wire fence, you must have a sufficient End Assembly at the end of each run. End Assemblies are available through Think Fencing.

Titan Rail has been designed to accommodate up to a 6m spacing between posts.

Titan Rail is 100% manufactured in Australia by Think Fencing. Custom rolls can be made up to 200m.

Titan Rail has a number of front brackets designed to be used on square or round posts to accommodate external or internal corners.

Titan Rail has three 2mm solid high tensile wires (refer to diagram below). The top and bottom wire are the sections of the rail which are electrified.